Alumnae Associations Support Academic Excellence

During the weekend of October 7-10, 2016, the Regional Directors of Alumnae met at Kappa Headquarters. Along with trips to Jeni’s ice cream, and a lunch with Fraternity and Foundation staff, they accomplished a great deal including setting a theme for this biennium: “You can get there from here”. I know this post is a little overdue but still, read it with pleasure!

The team focuses on empowering Province Directors of Alumnae and Alumnae Association leaders to lead their provinces and associations. Training tools ranging from a new Alumnae Association Manual to online training opportunities for newly elected Alumnae Association Presidents were created. The team also enjoyed the preliminary planning of Associate Council Seminar 2017. Province Directors of Alumnae surely enjoyed “packing their bags” and participating in a weekend of learning and fun at ACS.

One initiative of Fraternity Council is to emphasize academic excellence in our chapters. Emphasizing the importance of scholarship in our active members is always a priority of our alumnae.

The RDA team brainstormed ways alumnae associations could support this initiative. Take a look at the list of opportunities listed below and identify which ideas are of interest to your association. When your association has implemented some of these items listed, let us know so that we may celebrate our partnership with our active members and their pursuit of academic excellence.

“Kappa Kappa Gamma recognizes the value in striving for intellectual excellence and opportunities for self-growth. Each chapter is encouraged to foster scholastic excellence, actively support its members who encounter academic challenges and provide an environment conducive to academic success for all members.” The Fraternity’s Position Statement on Academic Excellence.

It takes a combination of skills – organization, time management, prioritization, concentration, and motivation – to achieve academic success. The following are suggestions of ways in which an alumnae association can assist a chapter with these skills in order to reach the chapter’s academic goals:

  • Contact the Chapter Vice President – Academic Excellence, as well as her adviser, and ask for suggestions of ways that the association can help the chapter meet their academic goals.
  • Offer to provide workshops on the skills mentioned above or encourage the chapter to invite a Kappa trainer to lead a workshop.
  • Offer a career mentorship or organize a professional career fair for chapter members or a monthly career presentation to members who are interested in certain fields.
  • Offer to tutor in various subject areas.
  • Attend the chapter scholarship banquet or offer to help host a celebration.
  • Recognize academic success by providing scholarship recognition awards or scholarships of monetary value from the association.
  • Provide exam goodie bags and snacks.
  • Plan a fundraiser to equip a chapter study room/computer lab.
  • Hold a book drive to stock the chapter house library.
  • Subscribe to several news/educational magazines through the Rose McGill Magazine Agency and have them sent to the chapter.