The Phoenix Panhellenic Association annually awards educational scholarships to sorority women attending an accredited college or university in the state of Arizona. So let’s take a closer look at these Panhellenic Scholarships.

Since 1975, over $750,000 has been raised from volunteer hours earned at the Waste Management Phoenix Open to support Panhellenic Scholarships.

NPC sorority collegiate and alumnae members pursuing undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate education are eligible to apply by the last day of February for consideration. Scholarships are awarded at the May Panhellenic Banquet.

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So my oldest daughter is starting her junior year in September and my youngest will be starting her freshman year in college. And I wonder to myself … where did all the time go and where did all the stuff come from? Sorority life is something my girls must go through… So the following are a mother’s thoughts – so much stuff …

For Lane, my oldest, there are tons of boxes of sorority items … bulletin boards, cups, frames, all with my favorite colors, green and white. Then throw in the books, posters, clothes (do you really need 27 pairs of shoes in order to have a successful college experience?) and furniture and I ask myself, “That’s going to all fit in one dorm room?”

But it does, and it always has for everyone that’s gone to college right? It’s been fun watching Lane instruct her sister on what to take and what not to take as she will move into college. When we moved Lane to Millsaps last year, it took three cars, that’s right, three cars! For Ruthie, it looks like only two, but that is subject to change.

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Greek organizations exist to promote the development and growth of younger men and women by strengthening, challenging, and balancing the body, mind, and soul. They achieve this by providing true and real sister- brotherhoods that are not claiming to be perfect in their ways but striving to accentuate brother- or sisterhood traits based on their existing diversities. So let’s see how Greek Student Organizations work and take also a look at this 2-18 Chi Delta Theta Fall Rush video:

Greek organizations are usually not relying on strength through the number of members but on the qualities of the sisters and brothers within the organizations. Sister- and brotherhoods are committing themselves far beyond the physical symbols and letters by which they’re represented because these organizations are not only true to themselves, but also to the communities that they are part of.

Greek organizations strive to set themselves apart as they are organizations that show unconditional brother- and sisterhood and help to create and maintain a good support system for young men and ladies during their college years and far beyond. Brother- and sisterhoods are families of strong men and women who have all found the best of relationships and have used this friendship to support individuals around them and reach out to their communities in general.

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November is typically the month that sorority women hold their elections for leadership in their chapter. Because a sorority chapter can be made up of many qualified and capable leaders it can be a sensitive time for your daughter if she has a desire to invest in and make a difference in her sorority in holding a formal “office”. So check out this post about sorority elections-total sorority move and working through the Process

There are many factors that come in to play including how much exposure she has to all age groups of women so they truly know her and her capabilities, the success in which she balances her academic, extra-curricular, personal, and work life to her ability to stand up in front of 70+ women and articulate her strengths, passions, and reasoning for wanting elected leadership.

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As a parent of a new sorority “alumnae” daughter, I want to wish all of your daughters a successful and friendship-filled recruitment as this new academic year begins. I have enjoyed blogging about my experiences as a college parent, sharing the lessons I have learned right alongside my Chi Delta Theta daughter. Just read my thoughts when it comes to my daughter, Chi Delta Theta Sorority Girls, and a final word (or two) …Just take a look at this 2017 video:

This past school year was my daughter’s fourth and final recruitment experience as a collegian. For her senior year, she was selected for the University Panhellenic’s recruitment guide program. This proved to be just as rewarding as her recruitment experience within her own sorority.

As a leadership facilitator who has trained our local University’s Recruitment Guides in years past, I only have positive feedback about the women who are selected and the difference they can make in the potential new members’ (PNMs) experience.

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Being a member of a fraternity or a sorority definitely comes with a few benefits, so let’s take a closer look. Fact is that since 1825, only three U.S. presidents were not members of a Greek organization, and more than 80% of all executives at Fortune 500 companies were also belonging to a Greek organization.

The first female American astronaut was a member of a sorority, and the first female U.S. senator had joined a Greek club as well. Another interesting statistic is that the percentage of college graduation among Greeks is more than 20% than that of non-Greeks. Now this leads to the obvious question:

Is being a member of a sorority or fraternity increasing your chances to become successful?

In America, we see that almost ten million college students have joined a Greek organization. Regardless whether they became a member just to make friends or go to parties, or to become active in community activities or charity work, to get better-looking resumes, or strengthen their leadership skills, they all have one thing in common: they want to actively change some aspects of their lives.

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Bullying is a buzzword in the media. We hear about it all the time and it seems that everyone wants to take a stand in the fight against bullying. This is a fairly new movement, with the first news stories of bullying breaking primarily in the last few years. But hazing, that’s age-old.

Seniors kidnapping freshmen, older team members destroying the property of younger team members, forcing new members to perform embarrassing acts and subjecting them to an array of humiliation and mental torture. From this description, it seems difficult to tell the difference between hazing and bullying. Each act involves power, both involve the establishment of a dominant player, but most importantly—both involve absolute degradation and humiliation of a “weaker” prospect.

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In a few months, you will finally step into the first party of sorority recruitment week. You have put a lot of thought into exactly what you are going to wear that day, right down to the special bracelet that was the perfect finale for your outfit. You will have ironed your clothes (which you don’t often do) the night before, and you even cracked open some special new makeup just for the occasion. So check out this post about sorority formal dresses-why what you wear during sorority recruitment really DOES matter.

Your skin is clear, your eyes are bright, and you smell good. You just got your hair done two days ago, in anticipation of recruitment, and today for some reason, it was on its best behavior for you. It works. Everything about you works. You look great, and you feel great. That smile on your face? It’s 50% nervous anticipation, 50% excitement, and 0% fear about your appearance.

Imagine your reaction when you realize the sorority members have not put as much energy into preparing to meet you.

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In America, we see that almost 750,000 college students have become members of a sorority or fraternity, a Greek letter organization. There are universities where Greek participation even has reached to a staggering 80 percent. It’s not only on university or college campuses where some so many students (sometimes over half) are Greek organization members that this aspect is dominant. So what is it like to be a sorority girl-is joining a Greek Club something for you?

There are more than 120 American schools where more than 25% of the student body is a Greek club member. Also at colleges with a relatively low Greek involvement percentage, the pressure to become part of a chapter can be big for many students, and it may be dominating the school’s social scene.

Greek life, often criticized for its partying, drinking and exclusivity, has become a greater indicator of success, class, and social status. Students who have joined must, on top of their ever-increasing college costs, be able to furnish all costs associated with a Greek organization such as recruitment fees, annual membership costs, clothing expenses, and contributions for social, community, or charity events.

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fsllogo_final_color-01Greek Life Surviving

Since Greek Life originated, the organizations have been met with vehement critics, but it is good to understand that Greek Organizations are involved in so much more than merely extracurricular activities. They have become a way of life.

Greek Organizations have been fighting for their existence for centuries and throughout all sorts of hardships. Sure, member and chapter numbers have been fluctuating over time, but Greek Life has survived all major periods of chaos and tragedies such as the Great Depression, The Civil War, The Revolutionary War, World War I & II, The Vietnam War, and the upheaval and turmoil of the 60’s & 70’s. Through the years, we’ve seen several attempts by universities and state governments to shut Greek Life organizations down or disband them, but the fraternities and sororities have survived, and are sure to continue to do so.

What exactly are Fraternities and Sororities?

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