Facebook Scams – Stay Safe Online Kappas!

This spring, a predator or predators have been using Facebook and other social media networks to contact members of NPC groups. Several Kappas across the nation have been affected. The perpetrator will typically introduce him or herself and try to build a relationship. In several instances, the perpetrator has identified him or herself as an alumna member of an NPC organization.

Often this progresses into the student being asked to do things that are inappropriate, ultimately asking the student if they have a webcam and to set-up a meeting with the webcam or to share nude pictures of themselves.

Kappa Kappa Gamma would never instigate this type of communication, and the Fraternity does not have an alumnae/new member mentoring program.

Here are some suggestions from the Florida State University Police Department for making your online experience a safe one:

  • No one should accept friend requests, set-up meetings or reply to messages from individuals with whom she is not familiar. Accepting friend requests from strangers may place you at risk.
  • Any material posted online or given to someone else online becomes the property of the recipient.
  • Keep personal information private; social security numbers, street addresses, phone numbers, class schedules, and financial information – like bank account or credit card numbers – should stay private. Information posted to the web should be considered public.
  • If you would not post it on a campus bulletin board, you should not post it online.
  • Do not reply to text, e-mail or pop-up messages asking for personal or financial information and do not click any links in the message.
  • In today’s society where technology allows for almost anything to be copied, altered, and distributed, you must be mindful of what information is posted on Facebook about you as it can affect your safety and reputation not only today but well beyond your college years.

Social networking sites are often the means by which predators identify their victims.  Make sure that your privacy settings are set at the highest level and do not post information about what time you are leaving or arriving home. Posting information about your personal schedule may potentially place you in harm’s way.