What Do Sororities Cost?

How much will sororities cost for a college student? Well, the answer is depending on a number of variables, but in general, we can say that for laguna-main-710x434many women, sorority life is often a very important part of college, and that it often has a lasting influence as well on their life after school.

Be aware, though, that sorority life often comes with considerable incidental costs, and these expenses, even though the positive aspects of sororities are obvious, may often not be within the budget of college students who always have their paycheck calculator on their mind and lack some pretty hefty financial contributions from their parents.

When you are part of the group of students who have already decided to join a sorority, but still have some unanswered questions like ‘how much does being part of a sorority actually cost?. check out this post that may help you figure it out.

How much does sorority life cost?

All through your college years, from the first day you are the new sorority member, right trough your last day before you are an alumnus, being part of a sorority will come with quite a few costs. Usually there will be a modest recruitment or registration fee (somewhere between $10 and $75, depending on sorority) that needs to be paid to the ‘Panhellenic Conference’ on your campus. This is the conference that’s made up of and governs most sororities on your campus. This fees is used to cover all sorts of recruiting costs such as sending mail, printing flyers, and so on.

Initiation and pledging fees may also be considerable early costs, and pledge year is actually the most costly year for any sorority member. These are the fees that need to be paid when a student get formally initiated into her specific sorority. Thee costs are set according to guidelines from the national organization that is governing your sorority. The most expensive costs that come with a sorority are housing costs and and membership dues. Sorority members must pay dues, which can come in monthly, quarterly, or sometimes yearly contributions. If you are living in a sorority house, costs for housing and for meals are also considerable expenses, but keep in mind that although these costs may be expensive, living on-campus in dorms will most of the time be even more expensive!

Additionally, there will be lots of incidental costs associated with sorority life. You will need to have suitable clothing for your the Greek letters of your sorority, you’ll need dresses for all sorts of parties, there will be costs related to your sorority’s charity or social work, as well as payments for parties and social committees.

So how much will it take?

Well, now you have a rough idea of what cost and fees you’ll be confronted with, so let’s see how much this all will add up to. Bear in mind that it will be depending a lot on what school you;ll be going to. Geographic location also can make quite a difference and your actual costs will also vary by chapter. Take a look at the following list of costs of sororities at various universities and colleges.

University of California, Berkeley – The cost of a sorority at this university will average between $3,750 and $4,250 per semester. This includes costs for food and housing, but you’ll have to add costs for dresses and contributions for charities and social work.
University of Southern California, Los Angeles – This university averages sorority costs at $1,350 annually, but this is not including the cost for food and housing.
University of Mississippi – Costs of a sorority at Ole Miss are around $350 per month, but that’s not including housing, so that’s quite an expense every year!