My Daughter, Chi Delta Theta Sorority Girls, and a Final Word (or two) …

As a parent of a new sorority “alumnae” daughter, I want to wish all of your daughters a successful and friendship-filled recruitment as this new academic year begins. I have enjoyed blogging about my experiences as a college parent, sharing the lessons I have learned right alongside my Chi Delta Theta daughter. Just read my thoughts when it comes to my daughter, Chi Delta Theta Sorority Girls, and a final word (or two) …Just take a look at this 2017 video:

This past school year was my daughter’s fourth and final recruitment experience as a collegian. For her senior year, she was selected for the University Panhellenic’s recruitment guide program. This proved to be just as rewarding as her recruitment experience within her own sorority.

As a leadership facilitator who has trained our local University’s Recruitment Guides in years past, I only have positive feedback about the women who are selected and the difference they can make in the potential new members’ (PNMs) experience.

Assigned to a small group of PNMs, the purpose is one of support and encouragement as well as serving as a connector to foster new friendships between the women in her small group.  The small groups are often assigned according to where they will be living on campus so they will be given the opportunity to get to know one another in many settings during Recruitment.

The women selected to serve will participate in an extensive training program prior to Recruitment week so they are able to effectively counsel and advise young women through this process. These women are campus leaders and have a wealth of knowledge and experiences to share with your daughters about sorority life and campus life in general.

For parents wanting some assurances that their daughter will have a champion in the recruitment process as well as a hope that new friendships will be made regardless of affiliation, the program provides this security. Whether your daughter chooses to affiliate during recruitment or not, she will certainly be given the opportunity to make new friends and meet women that will be living near her in her residence hall. Be sure and inquire as to whether your chosen college has a program like this one in place. The entire recruitment process can be the beginning of lifelong friendships!

Some final thoughts…

As I write this final blog representing just one parent’s perspective of a sorority daughter, I am sad but encouraged. I am sad that my only daughter’s undergraduate chapter has come to a close this year as she prepares to graduate in December and embark on her life outside of Chi Delta Theta and the University.

I am encouraged that she was able to make lifelong friendships with her sorority sisters in addition to the incredible sorority women she met and associated with through her varied campus involvements. She has learned many life lessons within those walls and matured into a confident young woman because of the lessons she takes with her. Lessons of perseverance, patience, and tolerance … of learning how to love and support others, learning how to follow one’s dreams even in the face of setbacks or adversity.

My feeling of joy far outweighs the sadness for Mary Claire and an event this past spring solidified my perspective. Because she and I share our sorority affiliation in Chi Delta Theta, we were both able to celebrate our campus chapter’s Anniversary. The experience touched both of us on different levels; she embarking on her future with four years of affiliation under her belt and me having been an alumna for 28 years yet still connected in friendship to so many of my sisters.

As she and her pledge sisters watched in fascination as my pledge sisters from 28 years ago came back to visit and reconnect as if we had never separated, we all discovered that what had been planted within our membership in in the early 80s, had continued to live in our hearts all these years. The active members were hopeful the same would hold true for them.

I am a part of all that I have met. –Alfred Lord Tennyson