Sorority Elections-Total Sorority Move and Working through the Process

November is typically the month that sorority women hold their elections for leadership in their chapter. Because a sorority chapter can be made up of many qualified and capable leaders it can be a sensitive time for your daughter if she has a desire to invest in and make a difference in her sorority in holding a formal “office”. So check out this post about sorority elections-total sorority move and working through the Process

There are many factors that come in to play including how much exposure she has to all age groups of women so they truly know her and her capabilities, the success in which she balances her academic, extra-curricular, personal, and work life to her ability to stand up in front of 70+ women and articulate her strengths, passions, and reasoning for wanting elected leadership.

There are so many factors, ones she can control and ones she cannot. Factors she can control: How she provides mentoring and role modeling to those younger than her, the amount of time she invests in the chapter and its goals as a current member, how she manages her time, how she relates to a variety of her sisters on a daily basis, and the amount of time she invests in those relationships without being confronted with things like bullying, which is not tolerated in any way!

Factors she cannot control: Others’ perceptions of her time management, the strength of relationships or leadership competencies, and whether or not sisters make judgments on another’s actual abilities to lead in a certain role versus unrelated bias such as just “liking” someone better or being more familiar with someone else.

Encourage her to have an open mind regarding what type of leadership she might provide her chapter. If she only has one specific office or responsibility in mind, she may be shortsighted and unknowingly be eliminating herself from an overall experience in working with an incredible group of women. Remind her, too, that the Greek chapter is made up of many strong leaders, and, if an opportunity to lead her chapter internally is not given to her, there are so many other ways she can represent her sorority and provide leadership through involvement on campus and in the community externally. And make her aware (if needed) that what she wears really does matter!

The blessing of having the election process take place near Thanksgiving is that there is a break from the process; from the dynamics that can sometimes be emotional or intense. With some rest and unconditional love from her family, she can return back to school renewed and ready to take on whatever responsibilities she has been called to carry out within her chapter, or on campus within her college community.